Ride or Die Kitchen Tools: The Basics

I cook almost 3 meals a day, 7 days a week. (we live in a RURAL town that doesn’t even have delivery pizza…it’s survival.) When I tell you I can’t live without these things below, I’m not lying. I’m also not getting paid to say any of this-trust. Here are the things I can’t live without and links to where you can get them.

Coffee Grinder (for coffee, duh, but more importantly for Pepper) This one we bought almost two years ago and it’s still going strong.  Coffee/Spice grinder

Bamboo Salt well. This is what I keep my salt and pepper in. The bamboo soaks up moisture and the containers are perfect for measuring and getting a perfect pinch out of. I found mine at Homegoods, but this one is about the same price. Bamboo Salt Well

Chicago Metallic Jelly Roll Pans. Anytime you read the words baking sheet on my blog, these are what I’m referring to. Nonstick, Dishwasher safe (but I hand wash mine most of the time to help them last longer), super affordable, and cookies turn out perfectly on these. The high sides make them perfect for baking chicken, roasting a brisket, pork shoulder, literally ANYTHING. I have them in every size, but I use the largest one the most. Baking Sheets

Silicone Spatulas. These are great because they’re one solid piece. The head can’t detach while you are washing them and get stuck in the disposal (yes, I speak from experience.) They get every tiny bit of cookie batter, sauce, cooking oil, ANYTHING. I couldn’t live without silicone spatulas. Silicone Spatulas

Dough Scraper/Chopper. I use this little thing to scoop from my cutting board to the pan, to separate my turkey burgers into equal sections before I form them into patties, and even to clean off my knife. Theres also a small ruler on the bottom. Best 10 bucks you’ll spend. Dough Scraper/Chopper

Circulon Momentum hard anodized nonstick skillets. I have TONS of skillets, some fancy stainless steel, some pricy cast iron, but these are the ones I reach for the most. There is no other skillet that cooks eggs as well as this one, and it’s the only one Ive come across that doesn’t get scrambled eggs all stuck to it. Its a dream for making Frittatas. Its also perfect for anything that has cheese- no sticking and super easy cleanup. The only thing I wouldn’t recommend this one for is searing any type of protein/fish because the bottom isn’t perfectly flat. Best Non-stick Skillets

Beginner All-Purpose Chef’s Knife. I received this one as a gift from our wedding registry and I totally never realized what a difference a great, sharp knife makes. This is an inexpensive option that is easy to take care of and clean. I have several knives from this brand and they are SO good. So sharp, in fact that you have to be extremely careful when opening the package they come in. Chef’s Knife

Glass/Barware. Almost every restaurant I go to uses this brand of glasses. They are pretty, sturdy, dishwasher safe and heavy duty enough for a ton of use. They feel more expensive than they are, and they are beautiful. Every good hostess needs to have at least one set of pretty champagne flutes, wine glasses (the bigger the better), and a simple shorter, masculine glass for other cocktails and whiskey neat. Masculine glasses Champagne Flutes Large wine glasses

Silicon Whisks. I just discovered Silicone whisks about a year ago. They are SO much better for your pots and pans and don’t beat up the bottoms of your nonstick cookware. They are also much safer to use in your food and ten times easier to rinse clean than a metal whisk. I have them in TONS of sizes, but these two are fantastic. Silicone Whisks

Microplane. Grates parmesan like a dream, zests citrus like heaven. Ive used it to grate garlic cloves directly into marinades when I didn’t feel like chopping, and I’ve used it to grate chocolate onto a cheesecake for pretty little shavings. I’ve had this exact version for almost 3 years.  Its insanely sharp and the fat silicone handle makes it slip proof. Worth every penny, and then some. Microplane




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