Cooking past complacency. What does that mean!? I came up with this name because it is REALLY what happened. Several years ago I found myself alone in my new apartment with a freshly broken heart. I was in my early twenties and wondering who I was, what I wanted and knew I was tired of monotony. I needed something that provided instant gratification to get me up off my couch and propel me forward. I had put so much into my relationship that I lost myself, my goals and even my confidence. I didn’t have a lot of time or money, but I’d just been given a box of shiny stainless steel Wolfgang Puck cookware (Thanks dad!). I started with the small goal of perfecting scrambled eggs. Once I mastered that I moved onto chicken breasts.

I discovered the kitchen was a place I could take risks, be creative, adventurous and really develop a passion for something that fueled me.

I have fun in my kitchen; I burn things, spill things, and sometimes a glass or two of wine during cooking will make me forget what seasoning I added. I am not perfect, classically trained or even trained at all- but I love it.

I live in East Texas and managed to find a man who is more than happy to do my dishes, even the ones he has to hand wash.


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